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Break Out Of The "A Minor Pentatonic Box" & Improvise All Over The Guitar Without Getting "Lost", Wondering "Where The Next Note Is", Or “Stealing” Other People’s Licks, So You Finally Can…

Sound Damn Good When You Solo!

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If you know at least one scale on the guitar and you can practice 30 minutes per day for 4 weeks, I will help you to get rid of FRETBOARD ANXIETY FOREVER!

Who this is NOT for:

If you started playing guitar less than 3 months ago, don't know even 1 scale and can't read tab, don't sign up for this.

Previous participants were blown away by how much they learned:

Question: Alois, after having gone through the Total Fretboard Control Class, do you still feel stuck in the first pentatonic box?

Alois: "No way. I stepped out of that. Totally.

My name is Alois Weimer and I have been playing guitar for 20+ years now.

My guitar solo playing was very limited, so I had the feeling I was playing the same thing all the time and I didn’t have any ability or any idea about how to develop anything new or to play all the things that were going on in my head.

So I really didn’t have the ability to express myself on the guitar in the way I would have liked to do that up to now.

Before starting the class here I came across a flyer that I found by coincidence and I just thought Ok give it a try so I signed up at the website and Miika gave me a call and we had a nice chat.

It sounded promising and I have been trying million things from books to dvds to online classes, different teachers so I thought I got nothing to lose and I should give it a try.

I decided to participate because Miika made the concept of his guitar teaching sound so interesting and I was interested in learning more about that and to experience that.

And after the class I have to say I have NO regrets that I did that.

Earlier I was really limited in my playing and I was lost on the fretboard. I was not able to navigate up and down the neck and I was limited to small areas.

Now one big goal that I tried to achieve was to be able to navigate up and down and have an idea of what I’m actually playing and the class really helped me to achieve that goal.

I have broken these kind of boundaries I had earlier and sometimes blockages, now I have an idea which notes are where on the fretboard and what to do with them.

I think right from the start there was a kind of impact that I could feel immediately but a real experience of excitement that I was able to do stuff that I could not do before came after two weeks.

And two weeks later it expanded exponentially and it was an amazing experience.

I will continue to work with this and I think it is a long exciting road and this has helped me to open myself up to new levels.

More is more and in guitar playing, the more you know the more you have to learn new things.

I will continue with this and have a lot of fun with this and I have new areas to discover and to unlock.

We were doing a practice called note hunting and that was a real crucial exercise for me to gain fretboard control.

I would just like to say give it a shot. Go for it. You won’t regret it."

Even if you are not very advanced or even intermediate, you STILL don't want to miss out on the techniques and knowledge that you receive here because they will spare you from a lot of headache down the road:

Question: Juhani, after going through the Total Fretboard Control Class, are you still stuck in the first pentatonic box?

Juhani: "Hell no. The Total Fretboard Control really unlocked the fretboard for me. Like the name promises. It really did, oh yea.

My name is Juhani and I have been playing guitar for 1.5 years.

Before the Total Fretboard Control Class my guitar playing was on a beginner level I would say.

Especially when I was soloing, I was locked in the E and A strings and if I tried to break out of that I totally lost my way, I did not know what I was playing so when I was soloing I basically randomly tried to hit a good sounding note if I happened to a good sounding thing I would just repeat it to death but I had no idea what I was playing.

I heard about the Total Fretboard Control Class from Miika because that’s the good thing of being a student here at Kitaristi Tampere and I was actually kind of intimidate by the title and by the description and I thought that maybe it is a little bit too advanced for me because I still thought myself as kind of a beginner. So I was a little bit afraid that it might be too hard or too advanced for me to learn much on the course but Miika assured me that it would be suitable for me so I gave it a go.

I decided to participate in the Total Fretboard Control Class because the subject matter was extremely interesting to me, the whole fretboard navigation and what I am playing when soloing has been a really big obstacle for me and I was even thinking that I would never learn how to solo. And although the course sounded kind of intimidating… Total Fretboard Control and so on… it sounded so ambitious and I didn’t see myself as being in control of the fretboard so it intimidated me a bit but I was really interested in learning this stuff so that is why I decided to participate in the class.

After the Total Fretboard Control Class the difference in my playing is like night and day.

I think after the class I totally got rid of the obstacles that I had, especially the mental obstacles that I had with playing solos and it just has unlocked the whole fretboard for me. I now have the means to navigate it and I have the tools which I can use to develop my playing a lot better.

The first results in the Total Fretboard Control Class I started noticing pretty much right away. I had a good feeling about it. I noticed even in the first lessons ‘ok this is something that will help me develop’. I kind of realised ‘Ok this is going to work for me, I WILL learn something from this course’. At that point I did not know yet HOW MUCH.

In the third week I had a really major breakthrough. Everything suddenly started to fall into place. It was really great. I suddenly felt like ‘God damn I can actually do this stuff’. It was really sudden and very satisfying.

With the skills that I acquired in the Total Fretboard Control Class I will just do SO much. I get so much more joy out of playing. Especially when just playing and noodling by myself because I now have the whole fretboard as my playing field.

I also now have so many valuable tools in my toolset and I know also so many good exercises to develop those skills further and I will incorporate them into my guitar practice and I will practice them probably for the rest of my life.

It is hard to point out a single thing that helped me the most. It was kind of the whole how the exercises where structured. There is a lot of intense learning in a short time to take it all in and this is also how it is supposed to be. So you start by doing the practice diligently and then at least for me it suddenly starts to fall in place, so I think it was how the whole course was organised and how the practice was made which helped me to see the big picture.

A couple of exercises were I think most helpful. One was the Note Hunting.

I did that exercise over and over again and it slowly starts to give me an easier time of finding where I am and finding the key points that I can use as points in map when I am playing.

Another exercise that really helped me was travelling the neck up and down in some certain patterns.

That has given me good mobility, not just in one box here, but also all across the neck.

To anyone who is thinking about participating in the Total Fretboard Control Class I would say it really is worth it.

I was a little bit intimidated and a little bit sceptical about how much I would learn from this course but it has been a huge improvement in my playing and also just the FUN of playing. It’s just so much more fun to play when I actually know what I am actually playing.

It is a lot of hard work but it really pays off!"

At This Workshop You...

  • Learn a new method to find the right spot on the fretboard immediately without hesitation

  • Get rid of being stuck in the first pentatonic box

  • Learn to connect scales and patterns easily (Covered in week 2)

  • Unlock the ability to play solos fluently over the whole guitar neck (Covered in week 3)

  • Discover how you can play interesting solos with the help of simple practice methods

What this is NOT:

  • An improvisation class

  • An "only-teaching" class - You will actually learn AND train the concepts on the spot so that you come out of the class as a better player and not just "know more stuff"

  • A Music Theory class (although SOME theory is involved of course)

  • A Guitar Technique class

  • A Guitar Speed class

  • I will teach and train you how to use the entire guitar neck for your solos, in any key, in any mode, in any position over any chord.

    Deadline for Application: 03.01.2021 - klo 23.59

    It won't be cheap* but in return you are in for a skill set that you will be able to use AND PRACTICE FOR A LIFE TIME so that you can continue to improve your fretboard navigation skills even long after the class has ended!
    (I will provide the necessary tools to ensure this)

    You will also get exclusive life time access to my private support group where you can ask questions and get help from me and other competent guitarists years after participating.

    (Did I hear anyone complain about the price? No? That's what I thought.)

    And because I am feeling generous today and I want you to have a great start into 2021:
    Sign up before or on 6th December you will get to attend my priority lesson program the whole month of February for free, which allows you to drill the concepts you learn even more AND connect it to other areas of guitar playing!

    *Satisfaction Guarantee: If at the end of the class you do NOT see any impact you will get your money refunded + a 50 € Gift Card for Condition for that is that you do what I say and participate in every class :)

    I only offer this class accessible to the public once per year because the rest of the year I will be busy helping my priority students to get them to the top of guitar mountain in all other areas of guitar playing, so don't procrastinate!

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