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Finally Write Your First Rock Song On Guitar

And learn how to finish your old ideas and how to overcome writers block for good

Just like many of my students did before you

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If you have at least 12 months of experience with the guitar and you can play simple open chords or barre chords and power chords I will make you...

Write A Simple 3 Minute Song With Intro, Verses, Chorus and Bridge, etc...

even when you know NOTHING about songwriting and you have never written a single note of music yourself and you feel like you are still a beginner on your instrument

In Only 12 Weeks

A master songwriting teacher guides you right up to the goal line.

You can't possibly fail!

Who this is NOT for:

If you started playing guitar less than 12 months ago, don't know the basic open chords and are afraid of metronomes, don't sign up for this. (Only exception: you took lessons from me before or are currently a student, because then I know you can play)

Previous participants were blown away by how much they learned:

Question: Joona, what did participating in this project do for you?

Joona: "I think this project has boosted my inspiration to a whole new level.

My name is Joona and I have written songs since starting lessons with Miika.

I was quite timid at times and I didn’t know how to approach songwriting, there were a lot questions I didn’t know the answers to.

First I thought that, for one, it gave me those answers that I needed and two, I was a bit sceptic about how it’s gonna turn out.

I think I just had to participate because I wanted to know the answers to know how to express myself and how to really use those personalities that I have in my own songwriting.

I think the Songwriting Project helped me in many ways. One of the most important ones being that I could speak with my own voice through the music that I make

I noticed a big difference during the first few weeks of the training. I got those important questions answered pretty quickly and those weren’t a problem for me anymore so after a few weeks I already feel much more comfortable with making my own music."

"Of course I’m going to use my newly acquired skills to make more music and to experiment on what’s my own voice and how can I use it.

I think what helped me the most were these plans and plots for our songs. That was really helpful and I think that was the key that got my music skills to another level.

I recommend this project to anyone who is vaguely interested in writing music and that is because when you first break through the barrier it gets A LOT easier to write your own music."

Even if you are not very advanced or even intermediate, you STILL don't want to miss out on the techniques and knowledge that you receive here because they will spare you from a lot of headache down the road:

Question: Lasse, after going through the Songwriting Project, is "Writers Block" still a concern for you?

Lasse: "I would to say “no”… but it’s probably too cocky (laughing).

My name is Lasse Lehtonen, I played guitar for too long to remember. Roughly 20 years and I have been here in Kitaristi Tampere for half a year now.

I wrote songs for as long as I played any instrument. The Creating process is very interesting and very dear to me.

I felt I couldn’t get my songs finished. It was easy to start, a lot of inspiration and ideas but I could never wrap them up systematically. It was coincidence that some idea became a song.

I felt excited because this time you had a lot of back up and someone to guide you through the process and a new system to try and you had the opportunity to get to know other musicians and singers and share the load. I was very excited and I was looking forward to it.

I decided to participate because I wanted to make myself better as a songwriter and as a producer and bringing a few ideas into a song and collaborating with a singer and making an actual song creation."

"The main aid was of course teaming up with the singers but also the aid for the songwriting system, how to refine your ideas and bring them closer to an actual song. That was probably the biggest help.

I noticed a change after the first lesson. It just opened your eyes like “Hey you can do this this way” and you don’t have to rely on how the planets are set.

You can work systematically and work around with the ideas and the whole concept and it just blew my mind.

The skills that I learned have already made my songwriting process more reliable and more productive since I can make a lot of new songs and bring out the ideas and feelings that I want to express through the song.

The single thing that helped me the most was probably the system that was introduced in the beginning. It cleared a lot of thoughts up and how to progress with the idea and on what level to think and how to make things compatible with the feelings or the idea and actually constructing the song. Like having an opening and something happening in the middle and something in the end. And putting it together. So the system was the single thing that helped the most.

I say “Go for it”. You just gonna feel it. You will gain so much and learn so much. Not only about songwriting but also collaborating with people and with yourself, with your ideas and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any songs before. You don’t have to know anything about songwriting before this and it’s probably better not to know anything about songwriting because this will give you a good base to build on."

At This Workshop I show you...

  • The number #1 problem that EVERY songwriter faces and how to avoid it so that your ideas can flow free like a river in the swiss alps

  • How to write music without much theoretical music knowledge so that you can get to the writing board instead of trying to keep your eyes open while reading boring music theory books

  • The composition master tool kit which is the blue print for starting AND finishing your song

  • The 4 paradigm shifts that master songwriters apply to their songwriting

  • How to down right steal the ideas of your favourite songs and making them your own without the artist himself realising

What this is NOT:

  • An improvisation class

  • An "only-teaching" class - You will actually learn AND train the concepts on the spot so that you come out of the class as a better musician and not just simply a better guitar player

  • A Guitar Technique class

  • "The Teacher Telling You What To Write"-Class. You will have to do the work yourself, but I can show you a proven way to your own success as a songwriter

  • I will teach and train you how to use the musical skills that you already have and turn them into something people will want to listen to!

    Here is what previous participants produced in only 12 weeks of songwriting training with me:

    None of them have EVER written any music at all before they participated in this project.

    You will walk away from this project with a skill set that you can use FOR A LIFE TIME so that you can continue to write songs even long after the class has ended!
    (I will provide the necessary tools to ensure this)
    You will have a GUARANTEED spot on the CD that we will create together at the end of this class that you can brag to your friends about forever. (Yes, this WILL be a challenge but from my experience, totally possible during the course of this project)

    I only offer this project accessible to the public once per year because the rest of the year I will be busy helping my students in my exclusive programs to get them to the top of guitar mountain in all other areas of guitar playing, so don't procrastinate!

If you are wondering about the price... If you know me by now, you know it's not going to be cheap. And if you know me better you know I keep what I promise.
I will tell you everything you need to know and then you can make your decision.

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