I Bet you 5 Sets Of Guitar Strings You Can Solo All Over The Fretboard In Just 4 Weeks

If you know at least one scale on the guitar and you can practice 30 minutes per day for 4 weeks, I will help you FOR FREE to get rid of Fretboard Anxiety FOREVER in exchange for a testimonial at the end of the class! If I fail to do that, I buy you 5 set of guitar strings!

If you ever felt afraid to play a wrong note, because you don’t know where to move your fingers on the fretboard, or you are feeling panic when you are improvising and you are stuck in the same position on the fretboard forever, this class is for YOU! I am testing new method of teaching and I am now looking for more case studies, to show how well my method works. Details about this class:

Deadline for Application: 29.03.2020 - klo 23.59

At This Workshop You...

  • Learn a new method to find the right spot on the fretboard immediately without hesitation

  • Get rid of being stuck in the first pentatonic box

  • Learn to connect scales and patterns easily (Covered in week 2)

  • Unlock the ability to play solos fluently over the whole guitar neck (Covered in week 3)

  • Discover how you can play interesting solos with the help of simple practice methods


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It will not take long --- Spots are limited! --- Free Parking In The City Center