Are you fed up not seeing progress when you are practicing guitar? Keep reading...

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Are you struggling to advance your guitar playing?

While practicing the guitar, you may be seeing little to no improvement, which is why you might be frustrated or wanting to give up. Maybe too much information is confusing you and you don’t know what to do to get better. You might be lacking musical ideas and finding yourself repeating the same things over and over again.

I know how you feel, because I felt the same way for a long time.

"My name is Markus and I have been familiar with Michael for a few months.

I think my guitar playing was pretty much stagnant on the same level. I had the feeling that it does not go anywhere and I keep playing the same songs over and over, but then when I decided I should get a grip of myself and take some lessons, that would really help to progress and learn new chords and really start the process of learning guitar again.

I learned about Kitaristi Tampere through my own work and that’s how we connected.

I wanted to learn to play better and I wanted to learn to enjoy playing more, so I figured when I have the ability to play more, it is going to be more enjoyable, hopefully. And it has been! Actually I have never taken real lessons on guitar ever before, I have taken some piano lessons, but I am mostly self-taught, which leads to the problem of not really going forward, so I wanted to get a proper teacher to help me. So this is my first time on a guitar lesson.

I was able to gain more understanding of how different chord progressions work and which chords work together well and I think I am already more able to jam with others and maybe even improvise a bit. What I like the most is just the basic feeling of having the lesson and meeting with Michael and having a little coffee and a chat and then just start playing and learning more about the guitar. Just keep playing! Come to Kitaristi Tampere

Markus (32), Insurance Agent

Many of my students have had the same or similar problems. Fortunately, you can now learn how to easily overcome them!

What I found was that by finding a great teacher to help me with my guitar playing I was able to overcome my guitar playing frustrations and reach my goals a lot faster.

Educating yourself with the help of YouTube or other random sources will not bear a lot of fruit for you. You probably did not like studying from books and working through them, which is why you gave that up too. The information on Youtube or in books is often too general to help you with your specific problems. This is why you need a qualified and trained teacher to help you find the most suitable path for you.

Your past guitar lessons may even have disappointed you, because after the lesson you did not feel much wiser than before. I am committed to making sure that you won’t be disappointed with the results that you get from participating in my guitar programs.

Every guitar player is different and needs their own custom strategy

"My name is Raimo and I've taken guitar classes from Miika for the past two months.

I was interested in playing the guitar, but somehow I had this feeling of being stuck, not being able to move forward, that I was in full stop and that I didn't find any process of my own to keep progressing.

Well there were two things that got me introduced to these classes: A while back, I saw a guitar-poster on some market wall, but then in fact, I had business with an accountant who just happened to work in the same building as Miika. So I just knocked to the door and Miika happened to be in attendance so I started to talk with him and there it began. Well, it was purely an act of impulsiveness when I first time came to Miika's class and I began to count on him that this was going to be the place where he was going to guide me towards progress. It was just that simple.

I have never actually had any private classes before this. There is a lot to learn from the endless swamp of information that is the internet, but I just felt like there wasn't a clear way to keep moving forward. So I just ended up with the conclusion that this was the place where I could kick my guitar skills up a notch.

After thinking about it lately, I've had this feeling of succession and I think I've found my way to progress. Perhaps my guitar playing, with the help of these exercises that we've done here, has become a lot better considering my age which I don't even dare to say. (Please cut here haha let's start over).

These guitar classes have helped me to progress and to get a more confident grip on my guitar playing. Meanwhile, I have discovered that my fingers have kind of improved from the beginning, when I had sausage-fingers. I think they move in a different way now and that they have brought more confidence in my playing and my speed.

What I haven't really liked, now that I think about it, is that Miika keeps pushing me to keep practising in a good way and forced me to do the work that would've otherwise not have been done. If I had practised by myself at home, I would've forgotten my work and stopped trying to improve on it. But when I was on Miika's classes, he kept forcing me into playing and practising, which definitely was a good thing, although it might not have been the most pleasant thing in the world back then.

I definitely recommend to take classes from Miika and to keep going to those classes and to keep practising. That will certainly give you progress. "

Raimo Patronen, Entrepreneur

Imagine having your own lesson strategy that will massively increase your chances to achieve your long term goals - week after week, day after day.

At my school you will be starting from the level you are at right now. You will be taught and coached by a trained teacher, so that you can be sure of achieving what you always hoped to achieve - and more. On top of that, you will feel that you are getting closer to your goals every day.

Here is how you will benefit by taking lessons at Kitaristi Tampere:

  • Make a lot of progress and save a significant amount of time

  • Learn to play with confidence so that you can get rid stage fright effectively

  • Unchain your strengths and experience extensive recognition

  • Learn how to become creative, so that you can express yourself more freely

  • Discover how to play like the pros and never again feel bad about picking up the guitar

  • Find people who are as crazy about playing the guitar as you, and receive the support from your environment that you are longing for.

I know you would love to see for yourself, how I will help you become the best possible guitar player. I would like to invite you over for a FREE and NON-BINDING introductory session with me, where you will find out how we work together on reaching your musical goals and becoming the guitar player that you’ve always wanted to be.

Click here to tell me about your current skills and frustrations:

Tell me about yourself

It will not take long!

"I am so on fire now, I see a little progress every day and I can see the achievements coming. I want to play my favourite songs and compose music on my own. I know that I can do that here. It is a very easy mood here, that is awesome. We are not exactly like student and teacher, but we are friends. I recommend simply to come around and try it, then you can see for yourself, if you like it or not. I like it a lot, that is why I am here."
Alex (41), Doctor

"Miika helped me a lot for example to understand the patterns of the pentatonic and harmony, so that I really know what I am playing and I can use them much more purposefully and efficiently. I can really recommend guitar lessons here, because it is a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere and it is a lot of fun. Lessons are very diverse and fit well to each other."
Andreas (30), Engineer

Frequently asked questions:

"Why are you so sure, this works for me?"

Kitaristi Tampere is the only school in Tampere which is 100% committed to your success. I am passionate and I continuously keep pursuing intense study of proven resources that nobody else in Tampere has access to, to make sure that I can provide you with the highest quality of teaching methods and advice.

"Do you teach beginners/Intermediates/Advanced?"

YES! I will take you from any level to any level that you choose to pursue!

"Will the lessons be held in Finnish or in English?"

I am teaching in English because I haven't yet learned to speak Finnish fluently enough but I am working very hard on it :) (I am originally from Germany)
But I decided to not let that hold myself back and not let frustrated guitarists out there wait longer than necessary to finally have the success with the guitar that they dream about!
And hey... do you rather want to be taught in the language that you are most comfortable with or instead receive professional guidance and solutions to your guitar playing problems? Easy choice if you ask me :)
Besides that... English is a foreign language for me as well, so we will be in the same boat there and even if you don't speak perfect English, my lessons are designed in a way that you will get along just fine, I promise.
In fact, I think it is even beneficial to learn Music in English for various reasons:

  1. It helped me to better understand all kinds of resources and expressions on the internet that are mostly written in English
  2. I can accurately communicate with guitar players from all over the world using the right terms and not wasting time on looking up words in a dictionary
  3. Often the international way of communicating in music simply makes much more sense. I can tell you more about that, just ask me about it!
(and you will be able to do all of that above, too!)

"Do you teach children? What age is good to start learning the guitar?"

Right now, I can teach anybody who knows the basics of English. If you want your child to learn from me how to play guitar and have fun without being bored, get in touch with me and I will show you how I make that possible.
In general, I don't think there is any age limit. If your concept and your approach is right, you can teach a baby how to have fun with a guitar :)

"Am I too old? When is too old?"

I do not think there is something like “too old”. My teaching methods are modern and up to date, which gives you the advantage of being able to reach anything you want, no matter what you think might be holding you back at the moment.

"Do I need my own guitar?"

You do not need to have your own guitar to start lessons with me and in my school. It would be beneficial to have your own, but I am running great programs that you can start with right away!

"What styles do you teach?"

My favourite style to teach is Metal and Rock, but I can also teach you how to play blues and Acoustic and Pop and I can even teach you how to write your own songs in any style. A lot of things that we will be working on are directly transferable to almost any style of music.

"Where are you located?"

I teach in the heart of Tampere, easy to reach by foot and public transportation and by car with parking spots right in front of the building. I have students taking on a 30 km journey to study guitar with me, so you can be sure I can make it worth your traveltime :)

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Another reason for you to choose Kitaristi Tampere Guitar Lessons

The only school in the area, which is part of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Cirle and receives professional guitar teacher training from the best guitar teacher instructor in the world! This ensures, that you receive the best from the best and benefit by getting the newest and modernst insights about learning to play the guitar.

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