What If You Feel You Don’t Have Enough Time To Practice Guitar?

When you are learning guitar, there may come times when other things in life restrict the amount of time you can invest into practicing guitar in oder to improve. This can be very frustrating, since it usually means that progress slows down or reverses until the outside circumstances change back to normal. The good news is that with proper action you can minimise this effect and still enjoy some progress!

In this article I will list out a few ways you can get more practice time in this article. The ideas are best implemented with the help of a great teacher. He or she will be able to additionally tailor them to suit your needs and will show you how to get the most out of them. So do yourself a favour and invest in a great guitar teacher as soon as possible. With that said, let me get to the first point.

Plan Out Exactly What You Practice And Schedule It

For work and studying the best results come when you follow a well made plan. Learning guitar is no different and the importance of planning is even more critical if you have less time to invest into practicing.

Why should you plan out your guitar practice?

    You will get more practice sessions completed instead of lamenting about your lack of time. You will get each session started faster and will waste less time thinking about what to work on. You will get better practice sessions done and can focus much better during them.

A great guitar teacher will show you how to easily plan out your practice time so that you work on the correct areas for the right amount of time.

Have One-Hundred Percent Focus During Your Practice Sessions

When you are under stress and short on time, one of the biggest things that makes you slow your progress is lack of focused practice. When there are a million things on your mind it is easy to get distracted and start worrying about things that need handling.

This will kill your practice results, since you cannot get the uninterrupted time you need to really ingrain those practice items into your fingers and learn it thoroughly.

The solution is to make sure that for the span of your practice time, you can focus 100% on your practice and nothing else. Set a timer for the duration of your practice, during which you only focus on practicing. Tell your family members or roommates in advance not to disturb you during that time, unless there is a fire or some other emergency.

Remove Useless Time-Wasting Activities From Your Life

Most people waste a lot of time that they don’t even realise. They put valuable time down the drain that doesn’t give any meaningful value to their life. This could be constantly checking social media, cigarette breaks, playing mobile games, reading gossip magazines or watching TV and online videos.

You probably have your own list of activities you know you should stop doing, but haven’t yet done so. Normal life usually gives you plenty time, so even if you waste some you still have enough left for more important things. But when you have more on your plate, time wasted will start hurting important things in your life more.

Having a tight schedule or any other adverse condition could thus be a blessing in disguise. It can give you the motivation needed to pull the plug and cut that time-waster out. The best part is that once you get back to a normal schedule, you will have cut that habit already and can spend all the extra time on the more important things in life.

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Hello, I am Jere Toikka and I teach guitar lessons in Turku. I am glad to have the best job in the world: To help other people to get better at playing and have fun in the process. I believe that anyone can learn guitar if they find the right teacher and are willing to put in the effort.

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