How A Great Guitar Teacher Can Help You By Accurately Identifying Your Limitations

There is always a number of things that you can improve in your guitar playing. They are essentially limitations that restrict you from being able to play the way you ultimately want to. Identifying and removing those limitations is the key to improving on guitar and as such you should be able to accurately identify as many limitations as you can.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarist, a great teacher will help you find way more limitations in your playing than you could do on your own. In addition the process of learning will be much faster, much easier and way more fun!

Personally I don’t like gambling. I don’t like to depend on chance in any area of my life, whether with money, love or music. The good news is that at least in music, I don’t have to gamble and neither do you! If you have a great guitar teacher, he or she will be able to help you through the process.

Each Limitation That You Find Is An Opportunity For Growth

To illustrate this point, think about your current limitations in your playing. Now, imagine how it would be if they went away. Would that increase your skills on guitar? You can bet on it! Would you be able to have much more fun? For sure!

For every limitation you find, you will have a new opportunity for growth. Finding a limitation is always the first step in the process of learning. A great guitar teacher will be able to find the maximum amount of things for you to improve, meaning that you can enjoy maximum progress in your guitar playing!

Each Limitation Needs To Be Accurately Identified

Once you’ve found a limitation, what next? You need to accurately identify it. This is essential to do before trying to overcome the limitation, because otherwise you are at risk of working on the wrong item, thus wasting time and energy.

This is the reason so many self-taught guitarists are frustrated. They don’t accurately identify what’s holding them back, so they work on the wrong item and don’t see progress. Accurately identifying limitations is a skill that a great teacher will easily help you with. He or she will be able to find the root cause of your limitation, allowing you to progress as fast as possible.

Each Limitation Needs To Be Overcome With Tailored Exercises

Guitar practice exercises are like suits. The best ones are tailor-fit to you personally. Once you have identified the limitation you need to create an exercise to solve it. It should solve the limitation as efficiently as possible and be fun to go through.

Unless you are very experienced on doing this, you will find this process hard. That is also where a great guitar teacher will help you. A great guitar teacher will know many exercises that can solve your limitation and will know which one fits you best. Also if needed, they will modify the exercise further so that it fits just right.

Keeping all those in mind, if you haven’t yet done so, get yourself a great teacher. Doing so will allow you to remove your limitations much faster and have way more fun. If you already have a great teacher, do your best to be a great student and you’re all set!

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Hi, I am Jere Toikka, a guitar instructor from Turku, a small city in Finland. I believe that anyone who wants to can learn to play guitar without limits if they find the right guitar teacher and are willing to put in the practice time.

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