Getting drastic results from your guitar playing quickly

What are you do today and in the long term that will help you get more results on the guitar? While you may look at other musicians and wonder at how talented they are, they are probably using a lot of methods that you aren’t to get to where they are.

Where are a few ways you can start to accelerate your progress on the guitar starting today.

Work out what you want to do on the guitar

Do you know what you would like to do on the guitar? Do you want to be able to play your favourite songs? If so, what sort of genres are they? Do you want to be able play to impress your friends? If so, what do you need for that? Or do you want to be able to song write with your guitar playing?

Finding out what you want to do on the guitar will be an important first step towards getting you want you want on the guitar.

Writing it down and visualising it

When Hendrix played for hours a day, I bet you very early on, he was thinking about what will happen when he can do XXX. Thinking and picturing yourself as the guitar playing you want to be will help you to feel a lot more motivated to practise and driven towards what you want to do on the guitar than ever before.

Getting a plan together towards what you want to do

Now that you know what you want to do, find a plan or a way to do it. Our recommendation would be to get a guitar teacher who knows exactly how to help you to get to your end goal. This plan will enable you to get the right information you need at the right time so that you never hit a glass ceiling and you can just keep progressing. With minimal frustrations! And this way, you are avoiding learning anything you don’t need, and wasting time as well.

Review your plan

Make sure you check on your plan and whether it does need to change or be altered if you’ve changed the direction you want to go with your guitar playing. If your plan is from someone else, make sure you communicate that with them as well.

Learning to practise properly

This is going to be so important towards you getting better faster. Wouldn’t it be great if you can make more progress in an hour than in three if you had great practising technique?

And when you learn to practise properly and get more progress out of your guitar playing, you will feel more confident as well. And with that, you will feel more motivated to do more! It’s a nice cycle to do in.

These first few steps should help you to kick start your guitar playing and make sure it’s on the right track for you to accelerate your guitar learning. If you are already doing these things then great! Is there any way you can refine it to improve the quality of your practising? Or improve the targets you set for yourself?

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